“We’re ready to decrease OPM’s power” – Muscat


Partit Laburista leader Joseph Muscat told Party supporters at the Party Club in Fgura, that as a government they will be agreeing to what the Venice Commission is expected to be published on Monday. According to Muscat, in its analysis the Commission found that the Office of the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister had too much power, something which Muscat said is prepared to the decrease. 

In his address Muscat, stated that the report does not find any of the legal reforms undertaken by the Labour-led administration at fault. He further explained that the Venice Commission found that the Office of the Prime Minister has too much power creating an imbalance. Muscat further claimed that the Government found no problem with the Commission’s opinion and was ready to undertake reforms that would decrease the power of the Office of the Prime Minister.

The Party Leader stated that after the report is published tomorrow, the Government’s official reaction would also be published but preempting tomorrow’s release he said that the government was ready to commit itself to carry out the changes required. He then appealed to the Opposition saying that such changes would require a two third of the vote in parliament.

‘80,000 square metre for a landfill that would last us 8 years’

Touching on the recently launched scheme which would see reverse vending machines installed around the islands to recollect bottles made out of glass, metal or plastic, Muscat warned against not taking action. He explained if were he not to take action with schemes such as differentiate and separation of waste, we would have to create another landfill. According to Muscat this would require 80,000 metres squared of land which would only last eight years. He explained that with such a decision other issues would crop up, such as its location, saying that no one wanted a landfill in their backyard.

“We’re aiming to provide free public transport to everyone”

Most of Muscat’s speech focused on infrastructure, saying that much of the infrastructural change was unimaginable. He said that due to a series of measures, many were boarding buses without having to pay a fare. He emphasised that public transport needs to become more efficient and punctual however as a government they aimed to provide free public transport. Muscat explained that schemes will be announced to include those who commute to work using public transport for example.

Muscat also announced that more charging points will be installed around Malta and Gozo for electric cars. The number is expected to increase to 450 charging points in total.

The Malta-Gozo tunnel will happen

Muscat said that while many were shocked after Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg announced that the tender will be published next year, the Government was busy carrying out studies. Muscat explained that already a number of studies were made which included geology as well as financial viability. According to Partit Laburista party leader, the tunnel will generate three times as much waste as generated in one year. He emphasised that the construction waste generated from the construction of the tunnel are a resource and not waste. He then told party supporters whether it was an option to create artificial reefs or whether to extend the Maltese territory. Muscat explained that by extending territory, this could be used to create open spaces or “creative things”.