“We’re not surprised to be found innocent” – Chetcuti Cauchi

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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Chetcuti Cauchi, a law firm, said that it was not surprised by the regulator’s conclusions that they were innocent of collusion.

The Individual Investor Programme Regulator published a report treating the serious allegations against Chetcuti Cauchi which were uncovered in a French television programme.

The French journalists had alleged that Chetcuti Cauchi lawyers were boasting of their close relationship with senior Government ministers. This relationship would then absolve any problems with acquiring citizenship.

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The report, however, concluded that Chetcuti Cauchi were not colluding with the Government. Furthermore, it also concluded that the firm never processed any applications for Maltese citizenship submitted by people with a criminal record.

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The firm stated that the report confirms everything it has been saying since the videos were published. It added that it always conducted its business ethically, diligently, lawfully, and in a professional manner. Chetcuti Cauchi concluded its statement by saying that it is cooperating with the authorities.