“Wedding and events sector need clarity” – SME Chamber

The Malta Chamber of SMEs is calling for clarity regarding mass events so that the wedding and events sector can plan the future accordingly.

In a statement it outlined that the wedding and events sector cannot be constantly worrying that the authorities will wait until it is too late. This would mean trying to make up for lost time by triggering informal lockdown.

The Chamber outlined that it has advocated for a balanced approach and for good regulation. Therefore, authorities must discuss health standards so that certain activities can resume safely. This is because what happened over the previous weeks should have been predicted and was avoidable.

In the last few hours, Minister for Health Chris Fearne outlined a number of new measures for mass events. These will come into play from tomorrow morning. These directives are that there must be no more than one person per every 4 square meters, and groups must not be more than 10 people. These 10 people must stick together without mixing with others. Furthermore, the responsibility for enforcing these directives falls on the organisers, and attendees must provide contact numbers for contact tracing.

The Government has come under fire over the past few weeks, for not cancelling mass events. A large number of medical associations have called for a ban on mass events, due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases.