‘We will not support lead ammunition bans’ – EU hunting body

The European Federation of Hunting and Conservation (FACE) has said it will not support general bans on lead ammunition by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

FACE explains that while it supports ECHA’s proposals to phase out lead shot used on wetlands, anything further than lead shot, ‘must be proportional with the demonstrated risks to wildlife populations and human health via game consumption (taking into account risk management measures).’

Their statements come as the European Commission had requested ECHA look into proposals that restrict lead ammunition in game hunting and target shooting, owing to the risk both for wildlife and humans consuming game.

The request is understood to have been made just over a week ago.

FACE says that this decision stems from a letter sent to ECHA by the EC back in 2015. Within it, ECHA is understood to have been requested to ‘prepare a restriction on lead shot over wetlands … also asked ECHA to look into the wider impacts of lead ammunition.’

Subsequently, ECHA is reported to have said, ‘that measures are needed to regulate the use of lead ammunition in terrestrial environments in addition to those proposed for wetlands.’

‘This ECHA report opened the door for the EC to request ECHA to develop a restriction (Annex XV dossier) on lead ammunition (shot and bullets) over all habitats. This was a matter of timing because once “a risk to human health or the environment that is not adequately controlled” has been identified (as set out in Article 69 of the EU REACH Regulation), the EC “shall” request ECHA to prepare an (Annex XV) restriction report.’