We will be going out with the masks in the coming days – Graffitti

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Student activists with Moviment Graffitti will be going out with their satirical masks on the University Campus in the coming days.

This is what Newsbook.com.mt was told earlier today by one of the activists who was at MG’s stand during their participation in the University’s Fresher’s Week.

It was on Monday that security personnel confiscated one of their satirical masks which portrayed the Transport Minister Ian Borg. This was just one of the costumes that the activists had created for the Fresher’s Week event, but the only political mask, the group told Newsbook.com.mt.

While MG and others have called this incident an example of censorship, the University explained that Fresher’s Week was not an appropriate platform to voice any sort of political protest.

Updated: UM security confiscates political mask; “inappropriate platform”

The University spokesperson said that there hadn’t been no more instances where the student’s union had had disagreement with the University’s security. They added that they had spoken with activists involved in the situation and it had been rectified. It is explained that the activists had agreed not to use the mask in the coming days.

They insisted that Moviment Graffitti could be represented on the University campus and to broadcast its political messages equally with the other political associations.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna visited Fresher’s Week today and insisted that it was important to defend the right for people to express themselves.