We were never against a public inquiry – Muscat

In a dramatic u-turn and bowing to international pressure, PM Joseph Muscat explained on the party radio station that, for him, the question of an inquiry had always been one of when rather than if.


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A public inquiry was something that the government always agreed with, according to the latest statment made by Prime Minister and Partit Laburista (PL) leader Joseph Muscat. He was addressing listeners during his Sunday contribution on the party’s radio station and was referring to the Daphne Caruana Galizia assassination case. This is a radical departure from the position taken by the Prime Minister in 2018 when he had ruled out, in an interview to BBC Radio 4, a second inquiry.

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Muscat said three persons were caught shortly after the brutal murder of the journalist back in 2017. He also said that in the past months Minister for Justice Owen Bonnici has led a team that ‘has worked hard’ to establish clear terms of reference and to establish whether the authorities could have done anything to prevent this horrific murder.

Moving on to discuss the new flyovers that have been inaugurated on Friday at Marsa, the Prime Minister said that the infrastructural project will make a huge positive impact at the largest junction in the country.

He added that Infrastructure Malta is crucial in setting a road structure anatomy that is ready for the coming future.

Muscat also reminded that free school transport is being offered to all the children at kindergarten,, primary and secondary level education irrelevant whether they attend public, church or private schools.