We should try to understand those who have abortions – Bishop Grech

Joe Cordina

The Bishop of Gozo Mario Grech said that society should try to understand what leads a mother to have an abortion.

He posed the question during his homily at the Blessing of the unborn child in the Ta ‘Pinu church, on the occasion of Day of Life.

Mgr. Grech said the congregation should try to understand what can lead women to have an abortion. He presented situations across society that could force this, like when an employer threatens to dismiss female workers from work when they are pregnant or by offering only woman working in precariousness. He also said it could be the society for further purposes choose not to say everything about the psychological consequences experienced by a mother who has lost the baby.

According to the Bishop, when human life is threatened, God takes more care. According to Mgr. Grech there is no reason that can justify sacrificing life, even when still in the womb. He also recalled the commandment of God: Thou shall not kill. The Bishop said that although the news of a new life usually triggers joy, there are sometimes circumstances where vindictive feelings emerge towards the same creature conceived. When a baby is not expected, it can be viewed as disrupting a person’s plans.

He said that even society should be able to grasp the vindictive desires against those mothers who have abortions, and do so committing moral violence against those who physical violence. The Bishop said that human life is an inalienable value, especially life in the womb. He explained that respect for life must also appear in compassion and love to those who have lost a baby. The Bishop said that there are things in life that man does not understand why they occurred. This means that sometimes there are things that are the opposite of what common sense says.

Mgr. Grech recalled the story of Jesus going into the synagogue of Nazareth where people turned against him. Jesus was taken to the edge of cliffs and they wanted to through him off. Jesus was just explaining how God cherishes the human life so he sent his son into the world to deliver the good news. Mgr. Grech said he may be doing so because they like to argue today that there are no room for new lives, such as space for the poor, blind, and those with disabilities. He added that under the pretext of showing mercy to them, by killing them.

Furthermore, the Bishop said that those people realized that when Jesus read a passage from the prophet Isaiah, he chose to omit the verse saying that God is vindictive. People could not accept to hear that God is merciful and forgiving. Mgr. Grech explained that “since the disease was seen as God’s punishment for sin, the people could not understand  why God  was vengeful.” The desire of the bishop is that this year featuring Mary, people would seek the care of Mary who also had an unexpected pregnancy.