“We should become aware of the Church’s faults” – Bishop Mario Grech

Bishop of Gozo Mario Grech said that it would be useful for the Church to become aware of its faults.

During the homily at the mass of Thanksgiving commemorating the Golden Jubilee of priesthood of four priests at the Xagħra parish, Mons. Grech said that he does not take pride in hearing of the Church’s flaws.

The Bishop referred to pottery jars which he said are fragile and break easily especially when empty. He said that St John, the Evangelist uses this symbol to refer to the fragile nature of humankind. The Bishop reminded the people of Pope Francis’ words when he said that human nature is inclined to covering up one’s faults. “It is a shame to have turned our religion into a race to reach moral perfection. God would not disregard us if we were not morally perfect!” the Bishop claimed.

The Bishop thanked Dun Karm, Dun Salv, Dun Ġuzepp and Dun Anton for their 50 years of priesthood. He reminded them that they are carrying their priesthood in pottery jars. “The more we acknowledge and accept our limitations and weaknesses as priests, the more we are able to understand the limitations and weaknesses of human kind as a whole,” the Bishop added.

The Mass was held at The Basilica of the Nativity of Our Lady in Xagħra on 31st August.