We should always call a spade a spade – Archbishop to President Vella

Archbishop Charles Scicluna said that he spoke to the President George Vella about the need for respecting the truth, which should never be hidden from the public. The Archbishop insisted that “we must always call a spade a spade”. He explained that with regard to those who are already on track, they need to find courage in the truth.

The Archbishop said that he has already thanked the President for the poweful message he communicated on Republic Day where the public was asked to keep in mind that Malta’s Republic goes beyond the few people who have “wreaked havoc” in the country.

He expressed his disappointment at the current hate speech circulating in these tough times and that this is too harsh a way of communicating with each other. He claimed that altough these times are hard, we are still bound by the duty of respecting each other.

Meanwhile, the President expressed his appreciation for all that the Church has been doing.