“We need to start caring about safety” – Minister Ian Borg

Credit: DOI/James Galea

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

We need to start talking and caring about the lifetime of buildings, about the safety of our structures and the safety of our construction projects, said the Minister for Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg.

Minister Borg was addressing the Chamber of Engineers’ ‘Engineering – the route to safety and security’ conference.

He added that we need to prioritise further the energy performance of our buildings. “We want to foster a culture wherein energy efficiency becomes a feature by design”, stressed Minister Borg.

Additionally, Minister Borg also referred to the Building and Construction Reform spearheaded by the Ministry this summer, a reform that was described as having enhanced and strengthened safety, responsibility and transparency in the construction industry, prioritizing the safety and peace of mind of residents of third-party properties adjacent to construction sites.

The engineering profession can also continue to be a catalyst to the changes that we want to bring about within this sector, Minister Borg added, as it has been for the past decades. He also reminded those present that architects, engineers and MCAST graduates with a B.Sc in Construction Engineering can now take up the role of Site Technical Officers on construction projects.

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