“We need to protect our territory” – Bicycle Advocacy Group


Bicycle Advocacy Group has noted that although cyclists have the right to space, unfortunately they are finding themselves in a situation where they need to protect that territory and fight for it.

Bicycle Advocacy Group President, Michelle Attard Tonna, during a speech given at the end of the commemoration of World Bicycle Day, said that it is a great pleasure for her that members and the public understand the importance of being visible, and that as a community it seeks opportunities to meet and enjoy themselves.

Michelle Attard Tonna highlighted that it is high time that cyclists are listened to, and that the authorities start understanding how important it is that they give cyclists a choice to travel the way they deem best. She noted that air emissions and respiratory problems are increasing at an alarming rate.

Michelle Attard Tonna noted that cyclists in Malta are a minority that is slowly growing every day. She highlighted that although the number of people using a bicycle in Malta is growing, it is not yet what the Group desires. However, she said that there are also a lot of silent members, and that every day she meets someone who encourages and thanks her for the work carried out by the Bicycle Advocacy Group.