“We need informed opinions before referendum on Gozo tunnel” – Stellini


PN MP David Stellini said that before coming to a decision “whether to go for a referendum” or not regarding the feasibility of a tunnel with a metro system between Malta and Gozo, “we ought to have studies that help us form an informed opinion”. This in comments to Newsbook.com.mt when asked whether or not he agrees with the tunnel itself.

Meanwhile, during RTK’s Follow-Up, Gozo Minister Justyne Caruana said that politicians would be pulling people’s legs if they go back to see if the project will happen or not, to the contrary of what Stellini said. She insisted that the tunnel project was proposed in both the PL and PN electoral manifestos which shows that there is a “general consensus”.

Watch: Too late to go back to the drawing board on the tunnel – Justyne Caruana

Herrera compares tunnel to land reclamation

Luke Zerafa

Environment Minister José Herrera said that he has no problem with a tunnel between the two islands as long as the right Environmental Impact Assessments are done.

He said, “It is very clear to me that the residents of Gozo are suffering an economic hardship due to double insularity,” adding that Gozitans “have already expressed their wish in favour of such a project.”

The Minister also compared the proposed tunnel to the idea of land reclamation saying that “in Malta unfortunately often out of a sense of false nostalgia we are too afraid of change,” adding that “the same goes for land reclamation”. Herrera said that he has not been given the chance to properly explain his vision for land reclamation, insisting that “today or tomorrow, this will have to happen.”