“We need a second interconnector” – PN


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Opposition is stressing on the need for a second interconnector.

In a statement signed by MP David Agius, the Nationalist Party (PN) said that the Ragusa plant in Sicily was planned to take on more than one interconnector. It said that European funds should be considered in order to implement a second interconnector, just like in the case of the first.

The statement said that the Government continues to hide the reasons behind the numerous power cuts in these past weeks. It explained that it was said that a ship’s anchor caused great damage to the interconnector. It added that with the current technologies, it’s easy to identify the ship and the time at which the damage occurred.

The PN that said that Muscat’s power station, ‘a monument of corruption’, was built to serve those who are currently under investigation, and who opened secret companies. According to the Opposition, Malta is now paying a higher price for gas than the rest of Europe, due to a “corrupt trade deal” made with the Azerbaijan Government.

Frequent power cuts