“We need a change in mentality” – Delia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Interviewed on Net FM on Saturday morning, PN Leader Adrian Delia expressed his support to the Magħtab Farmers who were protesting this morning to safeguard their fields from a proposed Wasteserv expansion project.

Adrian Delia said that the Nationalist Party needs to address the need for a change in mentality in society.

He said that it is not acceptable anymore that any political party assumes to have the right to be in government. Delia said that the need for a change in mentality applies also to the Nationalist Party which need to listen to the people and let them participate in the decision making.

He then expressed his gratitude towards PN MPs Edwin Vassallo and Robert Cutajar who joined the protest this morning in Magħtab. PN Leader Adrian Delia said that this is a clear example of how the Nationalist Party should work. Listening to the people’s cry and be there for them.

Adrian Delia said how irresponsible it is for the government to plan the expropriation of agricultural and natural land in Magħtab at the detriment of the farmers.

During the interview on the party’s radio station, PN Leader Adrian Delia mentioned the news which was published this week regarding the Vitals CEO, Ram Tumuluri who has paid himself €5 million in bonus. This was revealed on Wednesday by MaltaToday.

Adrian Delia explained how during these past six years, the Maltese government gave over €300 million to Vitals Global Healthcare (VGH) and then to Steward Health Care who was given the concession of 3 public hospitals. Delia said that it is seriously worrying that the people, the patients, were not given any results despite the labour government selling to a private company 3 public hospitals; Gozo General Hospital, Karen Grech and St.Lukes Hospital.

Former Minister Konrad Mizzi had secured the deal with Vitals Global Healthcare (VGH) during the time he was the Minister for Health.