‘We must be masters not slaves to our limits’ – Bishop Galea Curmi

Credit: church.mt/photos

Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea Curmi has told students at St Dorothy’s school that, ‘We must be masters of our limits and not slaves to our limits.’

Bishop Galea Curmi made the comments during his address at the inauguration of the newly installed sports track and training facilities.

Paraphrasing from the Pope the Auxiliary Bishop explained that sports were a key way of understanding how to live with rules and to pursue goals faithfully.

‘When you face a competition, he said, you learn that rules are essential to live together; that happiness is not found in disregarding the rules, but in pursuing your goals faithfully; and you also learn that you no longer feel free when you have no limits, but when, within your own limits, you give the best.’

Credit: church.mt/photos

At the same time, Bishop Galea Curmi also emphasized the Pope’s compassion for the poor and weak.

‘In sports – as in every aspect of our lives – we should aim to strive to the best of our ability, but also stop to help anyone who ‘falls’ along the way, with the knowledge that in them we are meeting Christ himself. We should be close to those who are weakest, so that they may participate in the various activities together with others, and never feel excluded.’