“We may feel pressured and suppressed but Jesus Christ is with us” – Bishop Grech

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

During his homily on Sunday, to celebrate Palm Sunday, the Apostolic Administrator of Gozo, Bishop Mario Grech gave an explanation of why Jesus Christ was welcomed to Jerusalem with people waving palm and olive branches.

Palm branches are a part of Christian worship on Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is celebrated on the first day of the Holy Week.

Bishop Grech explained that as we all know from olives we can make oil which can be used with food and to cure and in the Bible, we can find that it was used for the consecration of Kings and priests. When the Jews welcomed Jesus Christ with olive branches that symbolized he was consecrated by God, and He needed this courage as he knew the pain He was going to go through, said Bishop Grech.

Grech then referred to the pain many are going through these days due to the coronavirus situation and compared it to the pain Jesus Christ went through to save all Christians. Grech said we are not alone in all this.

“Due to the recent developments we are feeling under pressure and many will feel suppressed but we can turn this pressure into positiveness and reach out to others in need,” said Grech.

The Apostolic Administrator of Gozo expressed his gratitude towards all the people who have reached out to him to help raise funds to buy a ventilator for patients in Gozo suffering from the coronavirus. Bishop Grech said that this is an example of how fear and pressure can be turned into a good deed.