We have a constitutional crisis – Delia

Adrian Delia appealed for unity in the fight against corruption. Speaking after calling an urgent meeting of the topmost echelons of the Partit Nazzjonalista, the leader of the party said that the rule of law presumes a separation of power. “In the past few days we have seen these powers converge all on one person,” said Delia. He added that this is not a time for partisan or personal interests but a time when all must pull together. “Many are now realising the deep ramifications of these revelations” warned Delia. He said that this was a time for unity, for putting aside all that divides people and bring to the fore all that can contribute to unity.

“We have a constitutional crisis, we have a situation in the country which needs to be understood and worked through, together,” said Delia. He added that the Opposition would be taking every initiative to safeguard democracy in Malta, adding an appeal for unity “so that we can give the country what it truly deserves” concluded Delia.