‘We did all we could to adapt to current crisis’

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Corporate ID Group Director Jesmond Saliba spoke about how the company has adapted its services according to its clients needs amid the coronavirus pandemic which has had economic repercussions.

Speaking to Newsbook.com.mt, Saliba said that he seriously doubted if there was any sector that remained unaffected by the current situation.

Corporate ID Group provides services related to communications and information services. The company operates in the media and creativity sector. Saliba remarked that the company was indirectly hit once its clients were directly impacted.

In the current climate the company had to adapt its strategy, focusing more on consultancy rather than direct advertising, Saliba explained. By refocusing its strategy, the company remains close to its clients and stakeholders at this particular time.

Following the outbreak of coronavirus in Malta, many activities were stopped and services suspended. The first case was registered on 7 March. Schools and educational institutions were closed down until next scholastic year. Bars and restaurants which did not offer takeaways or deliveries were also made to close. Further the airport was closed off for inbound passenger flights. Shops offering non-essential services were closed too.

Saliba explained that the current climate led to clients freezing promotional activity. The whole experience was raising more awareness on the importance of communicating effectively, Saliba remarked.

Employees at Corporate ID Group are currently teleworking, with online meetings between the team and holding videoconferencing for client meetings. The company is still providing services to companies which have had to suspend their operations due to the situation.

Saliba remarked that that the industry was an essential one and that this was visible from the current situation. Without the industry would be in the dark and misinformation would spread. He added that one can value its work during this time, contrasting it to a time when the media was not valued enough.

Various sectors have been hard hit amid the coronavirus pandemic. Following a written request, the government announced that the media will receive some form of aid to help weather the economic downturn.