We can’t have double standards on air quality – Metsola

Enforcing air standards cannot be agreed at the EU level and ignored domestically, the Maltese MEP Roberta Metsola has said.

Speaking during a hearing on the environment with Vice President Designate Frans Timmermans, Metsola said that ‘It’s time for the European Commission to step up its enforcement of air quality in Member States. Clean air is a right for all of us, we cannot allow States to agree to high standards in Brussels only to ignore them back home. Clean air has become one of the top concerns of people in Malta, Gozo and across the Union.’

While commending Timmermans’ for his commitment to taking action, Metsola also requested that the new VP will push for greater efforts to ensure a UN led ban on single-use plastics.

A ban on Single-use plastics has been an effort that the MEP has been pushing prior to the EU election in May.

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‘Malta and Gozo are islands, even if we reduce our consumption of single-use plastics, we are at risk of sea currents carrying waste from third-countries. We need the ban to be global to have the effect that we need,’ Metsola said.