“We are thrilled to be here” – Youths and Archbishop in the Holy Land

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On their third day in the Holy Land, some youths spoke with the Archbishop of Malta Charles Scicluna and expressed how happy they feel about their visit to the Holy Land.

Today’s Vlog was recorded from the on-board ship the group on when crossing the Sea of ​​Galilea. The Archbishop described the Sea of ​​Galilea as “a small freshwater area the size of Malta”.

There, they talked about the beauty of celebrating the true story of Jesus in the place where it all happened.

The pope explained that earlier they had mass in a chapel that was built precisely on the house of St. Peter. They also visited a number of places mentioned in the Holy Scripture were Jesus announced the Kingdom of God, left his flock in Peter’s hands and even broke bread.

One of the youths called Andre, a young man studying in order to be admitted to the Franciscan order, said that he is “extremely happy” and insisted that it is something “extremely beautiful” that he is standing on the place where Jesus chose his apostles.