#WaveofChange postponed due to coronavirus

The Run the #WaveofChange 2020 campaign will be moved from March to later in the year in the wake of the global pandemic.

Rene Rossignaud

This year’s Run the #WaveofChange campaign, which was set once again to tackle the increasing problem of sea pollution via a programme of fun events, has been postponed in view of the Coronavirus pandemic currently sweeping the globe.

The Run the #WaveofChange campaign was set to take place between the 28th and 29th March, with runners taking on a 168-kilometre coastal run – the equivalent of four full marathons, or six times Malta’s length  – and 400 people invited to join the run for the final four kilometres of the route. Hundreds of volunteers, including members of the public, companies, and CSR teams from NGOs, will meanwhile be participating in more than 35 clean-ups along the running route.

The 2020 campaign also features an extensive country-wide education programme with competitions and events in local schools, and a ‘Couch to Coastline’ scheme for those wishing to take part as runners. Run the #WaveofChange 2020 will be topped off by a massive party celebrated with some of Malta’s best bands all supporting the cause.

Running partners Trudy Kerr and Deborah Gatt, who originally launched the #WaveofChange initiative in 2019, are confident that the full 2020 campaign will still go ahead as soon as it is safe to do so.

“Due to the challenging times we all face at present due to Coronavirus, we have taken the sad but necessary decision to postpone the 2020 #WaveofChange to later in the year,” explains Ms Kerr. “We are tentatively looking to near the end of May as alternative dates, but we will make a final call in April. If the situation has still not changed, we will look to November, due to training logistics and the heat of the summer. But come what may, we will still go ahead.”

Launched to encourage people to collect waste that would otherwise end up in the sea, the annual national campaign aims to help raise awareness of the ever-increasing problem of waste – particularly plastic waste – polluting the seas and posing a serious risk for the planet. This year’s event is built around the message to simply pick up at least three pieces of rubbish, for three days, before telling three friends to do the same.

“We want to thank the hundreds of people that have been supporting and sponsoring the campaign so far. We will be using this extra time to push the message forward even more that, if everyone picked up at least three pieces of rubbish per day, for three days, and then told three friends about it, then together we can make a huge difference to the cleanliness of our seas, and to the health of the planet,” continues Ms Kerr, “We are all ready to go on every aspect of the original campaign at the press of a metaphorical button, and we’re looking forward to picking this up again very soon!”

More information and updated event details, when confirmed, can be found on Run the #WaveofChange Facebook page. Those interested in taking part in the #WaveofChange 2020 event are asked to collect three pieces of rubbish and use the hashtag #WaveOfChange on social media prior to submitting their application. There is no participation fee.

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