Watershed moment for Malta – Italian Ambassador

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The foreign ambassadors in Malta are seeking to understand Malta’s current political situation, Newsbook.com.mt found out.

The Italian ambassador Mario Sammartino told www.newsbook.com.mt that this is a watershed moment for Malta. He said that the Maltese people are finding themselves in a reflective mode.

“I am confident that something  good will come out of this difficult situation. Italy is close to the Maltese people,” he said.

His German counterpart, Walter Hassman said that he was watching with great sympathy and anticipation the events unfold.

“Malta is an important EU partner for Germany. We stand ready to support in any efforts and we have full trust that Malta soon rather than later will settle down,” he said.

The French Ambassador Brigitte Curmi refused to comment. “I follow newsbook.com.mt and I read your blogs but I will not delve into this issue,” she said.