Watch:“Meeting abuse victims not easy but very important” – Archbishop

Archbishop Charles Scicluna said that Pope Francis called a meeting of bishops in Rome so that the church would be able to offer secure protection to children and youths. The Pope also invited the Bishops to meet victims of abuse at the hands of members of the clergy, which the Archbishop said was “not easy but very important.”

This was in a vlog posted by the Archbishop earlier today ahead of ‘The protection of minors in the Church’ summit taking place during the New Synod, between the 21st and 24th February. Among the responsibilities highlighted, Mgr. Scicluna also spoke of the Church’s obligation to be clear with their decisions taken, and transparent about the consequences.

3-day summit will help to make church a safer place – Scicluna

The Archbishop said that “the personal meeting with those whom suffered this massive trauma, which affects not only the person and their psyche, but also the life of their faith, is not easy but very important for the Bishop to have touched the living wounds in the body of Christ, which is His Church.”

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Speaking of the ultimate aims of the summit, Mgr. Scicluna said that the Church leadership needs to work with “one heart, one soul in our determination to offer secure protection which sets minds at ease in our communities and determination to, where the wound happens, reply in an open and credible way.”

Speaking of a world made up of different cultures, the Archbishop appealed to those who listen to him to pray for the Holy Spirit to lead them “so that we can truly be shepherds according to Jesus’ heart, that don’t run when faced by the wolf, but give our lives to the protection and innocence of our children.”