Watch: “As a person with autism, I just want to be included” – Justin Spiteri #letschat

In this time of social distancing and uncertainty about the future, how are people coping?

‘Let’s Chat’ sees Coryse Borg having a light-hearted video chat with number of personalities in their own homes.

In this episode she has a chat with actor Justin Spiteri. Justin is on the autism spectrum and he also has epilepsy. His mission in life is to be included. He currently works as a health assistant in the Logistics department at hospital and his biggest love is acting on stage and on TV.

Justin is a member of Opening Doors, an NGO that promotes the active involvement of adults with learning disabilities in the artistic and creative sector. He also did a course with drama school Free Spirit and has taken part in several television programmes, including Ċaqqufa, Rajt ma Rajtx and Intriċċi.

He loves football, trekking and is a great swimmer. In fact, he was the first Maltese person with disability to swim from Gozo to Malta.

The youngest of three brothers, Justin says that the support he gets from his mum Rosette, dad Michael and siblings Jonathan (a member of the Big Band Brothers) and Karl is invaluable. He also says that he is eternally grateful to his work colleagues for supporting him on a daily basis.

Justin would like to thank evening from Opening Doors, especially Lou Ghirlando, Anna Formosa, Andrea Grancini, Sandra Mifsud and Jacob Piccinino, Free Spirit, Kim and Mario from Experience: Adventures and More, and the staff at his old school, Savio College (Salesians of Don Bosco) for always believing in him.

This episode also has a special feline guest in the form of Juno the cat.

Intro by Sarah Salafia

Editing by Coryse Borg

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