Watch: ‘Your election is not a prize, it is a duty’ – President to new MEPs

The Labour Party’s new and returning MEPs met with President George Vella today, during a visit to the Presidential Palace in Valletta.

The President told the MEPs that they should put the interests of Malta first and foremost and reminded them that having been elected, it is not a prize but is a duty to serve the public.

President George Vella opened the meeting by explaining that the Nationalist MEPs Roberta Metsola and Casa could not attend the meeting because of commitments in Brussels. Instead, in attendance were returning MEPs Miriam Dalli and Alfred Sant and the newly elected Alex Agius Saliba and Josianne Cutajar.

Vella stressed that although Malta only has six seats in Parliament, they were representing the Maltese people and presenting their interests on the European level.

Discussing the MEPs elected, the President said that there is a mixture of skills and experiences among them. He said also that there is a good parity between the sexes.

Commenting on the elections to the European Parliament, Vella said that the new composition of the European Parliament brought new challenges and one in particular being the role of the extreme right in the legislature.