Watch: “Your dancing is beautiful always but today it had a special meaning,” – Maxine Aquilina, MGT

Dancer dedicates performance to student suffering from cancer.

The fourth episode of Malta’s Got Talent on Sunday night saw singers, dancers, female and male rappers, and even a ‘accent impressionist’.

Dancer/teacher Warren Bonello dedicated his performance to one of his students, Rebecca, who is suffering from cancer. Maxine was visibly overwhelmed by the performance; afterwards, she explained that she knew the girl who Warren dedicated this performance to.

“She is a super special girl, and because of Covid, she was in hospital for many months, without any visitors. She wanted to go home but she couldn’t. Your dancing is beautiful always but today it had a special meaning, thank you” she told Warren through her tears. “My students are family,” Warren responded. The judges wished a Rebecca a speedy recovery.

The evening kicked off with 28-year-old Michele Panarosa, a product analyst from Italy who suffers from muscle tension dysphonia. “There were times where I wasn’t talking, I wasn’t singing; I wasn’t even going out… it was too painful to speak,” he explained, “I started to feel lonely, misunderstood.”

Panarosa, who performed a really lovely of acoustic version of Take on Me by Aha, hit the high notes really well and made the song his own. “I love that,” said Sarah. He received a standing ovation by Maxine who subsequently compared his voice to “chocolate, like a melted fondue”. Howard who said that was one of the nicest tones he has heard, especially in the lower register. Ray announced that he had “quattro si” – four yesses.

A highlight of the evening was definitely 28-year-old Matthias Camilleri, a circus performer who went to circus school in London and whose performance was nothing short of spectacular. He received a standing ovation from all the judges, as well as four yesses. Camilleri’s proud mother was in the audience and he said that this was the first time she watched him.

The adorable half Scottish half Japanese 10-year-old Zia Fuji, 10, who now lives in Gozo said: “I’ve always wanted to sing… it’s my dream.” Even Howard clapped through the performance, which is very unusual. Maxine said, “You are born for the stage – you have star quality.” Zia also received four yesses.

Malta is a really good place to live your childhood… I really like life here.

Claudia Santamaria, 12, from Spain has a dream – being a professional dancer for the royal ballet and performing the lead in Giselle. She said “Malta is a really good place to live your childhood and I’ve had many good opportunities to dance, to sing, to act. I really like life here.” Her magnificent performance earned her four yesses.

And, last but certainly not least, rappers Il-Lapes, Mac and Funky gave a performance full of energy based on the Covid-19 situation that Malta is going through right now, which included references to the Minister and Superintendent of Health Chris Fearne and Charmaine Gauci respectively, and also to the judges themselves (one of them rather risqué) that had the four of them beaming with delight. Their performance earned them a standing ovation and four yesses.

Malta’s Got Talent, presented by Gordon Bonello, is broadcast on Sundays at 8.50 pm on Television Malta.