Watch: WSC working on projects worth €160 million in EU funds

The Water Services Corporation will be working on projects worth some €160 million in EU funds.

During a business breakfast organised by the Water Services Corporation in which its work plan was discussed, Energy Minister Miriam Dalli highlighted the importance of service which is effective, efficient and of good quality.

“Good service must be determined by how well we limit the impact on the environment, how much we manage to reduce waste and how much we make the best use of our resources,” she said.

The coronavirus pandemic will not deter investment in upcoming projects aimed at setting standards in place for a service which is essential, Minister Dalli maintained.

The corporation is issuing a work program to deliver higher standards in its work and the service offered to its clients. One of the projects includes improving the taste of tap water.

The corporation’s CEO Ivan Falzon remarked that its work plan sends a clear message of confidence and courage for the future.