Watch: Where are they now?

Among the foreign workers that were evicted on Monday some of them ended up on the street. spoke to Mgr. Alfred Vella from the Malta Emigrants’ Commission. In his comments, Mgr. Vella, said that a person contacted him asking how they could help the migrants. Mgr. Vella said that he directed the person to the Agency for the Welfare of Asylum Seekers whereby they would send the migrants to Ħal Far Open Center.

Mgr. Vella was also asked about the situation and whether he was aware of migrants living in similar conditions. He described the situation as a “a very worrying one” reiterating that farms were used to house animals not human beings. He emphasized on the fact that farm was not converted into a farmhouse which would have been acceptable as a place to live in. Mgr. Vella went on to say while he was not aware of other farms used in a similar manner, he would not exclude anything saying that the rent issue was the reason why people would end up in similar housing situations. He referred to instances where people would rent out a garage as their residence.

The Planning Authority clamped down a Qormi farm which housed migrants in inhumane conditions. Many of those evicted ended up on the street. sent in questions to the Police, to the Planning Authority and to the Parliamentary Secretary for Social Accommodation.