Watch: When can I leave the house if am under obligatory quarantine?

One of the most frequently asked questions people are asking during the coronavirus pandemic is when they can leave their house if they are placed under mandatory quarantine. spoke to Malta Environmental Health Officers Association President Tony Sammut about the work of environmental health officers and how this has changed since the outbreak.

When one sends an email on, one of the many email addresses launched during the pandemic to deal with queries related to quarantine, these are usually answered by an environmental health officer.

Sammut told that the two most frequently-asked questions are – “When can I leave my house if am under obligatory quarantine?” and “Can I move to a different address while under obligatory quarantine?”

He explained that when a person is placed under obligatory quarantine, say, on the first of the month, then the 14 days come to an end of the fifteenth day of the month, which means that the person can only leave the house on the 16th.

Malta Environmental Health Officers Association President – Tony Sammut

As for the second question, Sammut noted that there was no hard and fast rule, with the merits of each case being evaluated by the authorities before a person who is under obligatory quarantine is allowed to move to another address or otherwise.

Sammut remarked that they had had situations were quarantined individuals were staying at hotels that were going to close down during that period and had to find alternative accommodation. The authorities want to avoid a situation where a person under obligatory quarantine changes their address multiple times.

A person under obligatory quarantine living in an apartment cannot leave their apartment use the lift or common areas.

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