Watch: “Whatever you put in the wine, remains in the wine”

Charming and witty… wine-maker Mark Cassar is quite a character. He says, “A wine-maker makes wine according to his character… my wife says that I’m one of a kind!”

Listening to him speaking about his vineyard, Mar Casar in Siggiewi, one cannot fail to notice the passion and love that he has for his chosen path.

His journey to the establishment of the vineyard is an unusual one – one which led him to appreciate the beauty of nature and a holistic approach to life. No synthetic chemicals, herbicides or pesticides are used in the vineyards at Mar Casar and a wide variety of indigenous medicinal plants and shrubs are also found there.

For his natural wines, Cassar uses the Qvevri method – which makes use of Terracotta conical vases produced by in Shroa, a region of Imereti in Eastern Georgia – and wood-fired kilns.

The temperature-controlled Qvevris allow the removal of unwanted particles in the wine through ionic bonding and the underlying field magnetism and create shining reflective clear wines.

“Many people like my wine as it doesn’t give them a headache,” Mr Cassar says.

Thanks to the Merril Rural Network.

Filming & editing by Coryse Borg