Watch: “What happens at the Executive, stays within the Executive”

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Many of those present at the Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) Executive Committee chose not to comment on the kerfuffle that seems to have taken place during the meeting with the journalists waiting outside Dar Ċentrali on Monday.

The running answer when asked about the commotion that could be heard from the street was “what happens at the Executive stays within the Executive”.

Few were those who interacted with the media. One of them was PN leader Adrian Delia who stated with the press that there will be no voting on the alleged ultimatum that the party’s MPs gave to him during the MPs meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday.

He added that at this point it is important to have a serious and open discussion so that the party makes the necessary change to be ready for the electorate.

When Adrian Delia was asked to comment further on the reported ultimatum, he declared that what is discussed during committee meetings should not be divulged so that those who wish to express themselves during such forums can do so freely.

Meanwhile, Team Start president Thomas De Martino told the media that Adrian Delia should not resign. He stated that usually no vote of confidence is taken following an EP election.

PN MPs meeting on Tuesday

Last week, the PN MPs met twice with the second session running into the early hours of the following day. is informed that the majority of the PN MPs would like to see Adrian Delia resign from leader of the party.

The Times of Malta was also reported that Delia has until Tuesday to decide on his future within the party. According to ONE this ultimatum was supposed to expire at midday last Saturday. From its end, The Malta Independent reported that the PN MPs will not be discussing Delia’s resignation but some of the group are expecting “concrete proposals”.

Footage: Monique Agius