Watch: “What are the the lessons we should take from Covid 19?” – Maxine Bristow, holistic coach

Friday 19th June 2020 . Earlier today we were joined for our talk in our series: Post COVID World of Business - Are you making a change! by Maxine Bristow.Maxine Bristow is a Holistic body and mind coach with 30 years of experience helping individuals to eat, feel, move, and think better. She has worked with 85-year-old stroke patients to Olympic gold medalist.Maxine Bristow's talk was quite insightful as she spoke about her experiences in being quarantined both in Malta and the UK and her journey back home, plus how she is adapting her business whilst we all learn how to adapt and react to the new situation.Here is the video of our conversation.

Posted by BPW Valletta Malta on Friday, June 19, 2020

Every Tuesday, is bringing you interviews with inspiring professional women, conducted by BPW Valletta Malta President Mariella Camilleri.

In this episode, Camilleri interviews Maxine Bristow, a holistic body and mind coach with 30 years experience who has worked with people varying from a 85-year -old stroke patient to an Olympic gold medalist.

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