Watch: What are Robert Abela’s thoughts on abortion, drugs and prostitution?

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Robert Abela discussed three of the hottest topics in Malta currently: abortion, prostitution and marijuana. Abela was being interviewed by Fr Joe Borg on a LIVE stream on He is currently contesting the role of Leader of the Labour Party following Joseph Muscat’s announcement that he is resigning this month.

“No” for abortion

Abela insisted that he is completely and without a doubt against the legalisation of abortion. He explained that one of his biggest treasures in life is his daughter. Abela went on to say that he celebrated Christimas by visiting the Ursoline Sisters, who take tender care of around 20 children.

“Prostitution shouldn’t remain a crime”

Abela believes that prostitution should no longer be a crime. He explained that nowadays there are absurd situations where a prostitute, that ends up in that job because of a ton of social issues, is given a sentence of effective or suspended imprisonment. This while the client is a free man, with no charge.

He went on to say that if prostitution is removed from being a crime, then there needs to be a well thought out strategy for those who work in this field. This so they are given the necessary help to move away from prostitution to a better life.

“Cannabis legislation is not a priority”

While he insisted that he is quite liberal as a person, he remarked that the legalisation of cannabis for pleasure is not the most pending issue on the islands. He said that there’s an ongoing discussion, and recently cannabis for medicinal use was legalised in Malta.

Saying that, he said that he is quite a liberal person and he does not exclude anything. However, he insisted that there’s a need for further discussion before recreational use of cannabis is legalised.