Watch: We’re battling a hidden enemy – Delia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

“We are at war with a hidden enemy,” Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said in a message released on the occasion of Freedom Day. Delia has called on the people to fight the coronavirus together. He explained that since the enemy is invisible it posed a bigger threat than any other enemy.

On Tuesday, thirteen new cases of coronavirus were confirmed, bringing up the number to 169 cases in Malta. Eight of the new cases were of patients who contracted the virus through local transmission while five were travel related.

Despite of its size and limited resources, people inhabiting the islands have come together and overcome the challenges they had to face over time, Delia noted in his message, mentioning the Great Siege and the World War.

‘We’re writing a new chapter in our nation’s history,’ Delia said. He added that our battle is against an invisible but more dangerous enemy. The country is being called to find the strength and fight against coronavirus. People were being required to temporarily give up their liberties expected in normal life in order to fight and win against the coronavirus, Delia noted.

The Opposition Leader said that he had faith in the people and that the fight against coronavirus would be won. He called for unity, saying that there is no place for partisanship. He said that those who are well off needed to help those who are not.

“National interest comes first,” Delia said.

He remarked that children should continue receiving their education while the elderly should be comforted through the use of social media in cases were they cannot be visited.

“We need to find the courage. We need to find that which makes us truly Maltese. We need to look out after each other as brothers and sisters,” Delia said.

“Let us win this battle,” he concluded.

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