Watch: Wedding plans go awry in new Ira Losco music video

Ira Losco has just released a brand new music video called ‘Hey Now’. This is the fifth single off her double album ‘No Sinner No Saint’. A first on the local scene, the album is divided in two CD albums with 12 tracks each.

The music video starts with the statement: “There are always two sides to every story” a phrase which also accompanies the narrative of the double album and which also hints what could follow next.

‘Hey Now’ was directed by Steven Levi Vella and was shot in the south of Malta by Matthew Muscat Drago. It features a colourful and vibrant palette with Ira Losco in a variety of scenes accompanying the reggaeton groovy track.

A fortune teller seen both in the intro and at the end of the video is also linked to the trailer of the next music video titled ‘Bad Habits’ which is scheduled for release very shortly.

“The idea of releasing one single from The Sinner and the other from the Saint wasn’t actually planned but the idea to create two contrasting music videos seemed a good video concept with the double album. The first video ‘Hey Now’ is more of a performance video where I’m playing a role of someone who’s wedding plans didn’t go as planned, finding more comfort in her home taking her love for her plants a bit too seriously, but eventually moving on in her life, looking at ways to leave her hometown,” said Ira Losco

Ira Losco’s fifth studio album No Sinner can be purchased from all music portals or the Jagged House website.