Watch: Weatherman’s cat joins broadcast and becomes a star

A variation on 'Take your Pet to Work Day'?

Just like many of us, Chief Meteorologist at WFIE-TV in Indiana, USA, Jeff Lyons is currently working from home; from a green screen in his dining room, to be exact.

A few days ago, his adorable cat Betty made an appearance on the broadcast… and she quickly became an integral part of his weather report.

So, Betty is now viral on the Internet ! I've had a lot of requests for the video, so here is the behind-the-scenes (thanks to Jackie Monroe at the studio) and then what went over the air. As you can see, Betty needs to be limbered up before showtime ! What should our next stunt be ?

Posted by Jeff Lyons – 14 News on Monday, April 13, 2020

Betty was adopted by Lyons and his family about 11 years ago after she showed up on their windowsill. Totally at home with having become a TV sensation, she now even has her own graphic that says ‘Betty the weather cat’. In fact, you could say that she is lapping up the attention!

You can watch more weather forecasts featuring the fluffy feline on Lyons’ Facebook page.

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