Watch: ‘We will take all necessary measures’ – Debono

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Jean Pierre Debono found his seat back in parliament following an executive meeting which voted on who is to get the vacated seat by MP David Stellini. Debono will be co-opted to parliament after he got 42 votes, while Kevin Cutajar who had contested on the thirteen district and was next in line to be elected to parliament secured 40 votes.

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Speaking to the media outside Partit Nazzjonalista’s headquarters in Pietà, Debono said that the Party will take all the appropriate measures. However he failed to provide such examples.

Debono stressed on the need to have a detailed discussion on the results obtained by the party in the recently held elections. He said that if activists leave the party, then the party will not find its strength.

The newly chosen MP who had already served a short while until Delia’s co-option, said that an internal discussion is needed prior to speaking to the media about the concrete actions needed.

When asked by how would he rate his performance as chief political adviser, Debono said that his role is chief political coordinator but did not comment further.

Speaking about the Executive Committee President Mark Anthony Sammut’s resignation, Debono said that there were many points on which he agreed however he did not agree with his resignation. On Sammut he concluded by saying that he voted for him to stay on, however Sammut’s decision was final.