Watch: “We went back to the drawing board and created a ‘new’ festival” – Ruben Zahra, MIAF Artistic Director

The online edition of the Malta International Arts Festival will take place between the 19th June and 5th July 2020.

During this episode of Take a Bow, MIAF Artistic Director Ruben Zahra speaks about the three main strands of the entirely new programme created by Festivals Malta, in collaboration with Spazju Kreattiv, Teatru Malta, Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and the Malta Society of Arts, that fits the new Covid-19 social distancing measures.

A three-part artist collective will feature over 100 local performers. Dance Collective is a collaboration between 22 dancers each contributing to a short choreography in their own location. Each performance was then stitched together into one holistic dance piece called ‘One Dance’, explains Zahra.

Dance Collective

Kemm Hu Sabiħ was produced in collaboration with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, complemented by an arrangement scored by Kris Spiteri. This features a new arrangement of this Maltese classic song originally sung by the late Sammy Bartolo, composed by Paul Abela with lyrics by Ray Mahoney, and features 17 of Malta’s leading singers, each interpreting one verse.

In collaboration with Teatru Malta, Għanja ta’ Malta will feature 50 actors as they recite the poem L-Għanja ta’ Malta written by Oliver Friġġieri, reinventing it into a contemporary poetronica project, featuring original music by Mario Sammut.

Apart from these productions, lovers of the festival will also get the chance to revisit some of the most memorable performances from MIAF 2019 with ‘The Archive Series’.

Photo credit: Stephen Buhagiar

The MIAF online edition will take place between the 19th June and 5th July 2020 and may be accessed on the MIAF Facebook page and website.

The MIAF is organised by Festivals Malta.