Watch: “We start working today for a better future for Malta tomorrow” – Delia

Opposition and Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia while wishing Maltese and Gozitans a happy new year said that the Party believed in Malta’s future which is why we’ve started working in the present.

Delia said that the Party believed in a caring society, which not only sees to those who are doing well but also those who were not so better off this year, emphasizing that their difficulties should be addressed.

As a Party, the PN leader said it cared for the youth who are studying, saying that these should not have to start working before finishing their studies. Speaking about the workers, Delia said that the party cared that the workers had good working conditions so that they can sustain their families. He also said that the Party cared about the unemployed who needed money to support their families. Similarly, the Opposition leader stated that the Party cared about small businesses which contribute to economy.

Speaking about the environment, the Nationalist leader said that the Party wanted and wished for a cleaner Malta saying that this was not limited to renewable energy, recycling or recycling plants but also clean from corruption which would help in improving Malta’s reputation.

Delia finally spoke of the elderly and pensions, saying that they deserved to spend the rest of their lives living a decent life and retire in peace after a lifetime working.