Watch: “As a nation, we need to give importance to our wellbeing” – Nicky Gouder, Forty under Forty

Forty under Forty is a community of business leaders with passion, ambition and an innate belief in Malta’s potential. It is a community of thinkers and doers; of achievers and dreamers, of risk-takers and of responsible individuals; a collective of present and future business leaders that have the best interest and well-being of Malta and its citizens at heart. spoke to co-founder Nicky Gouder who explained that this project is built on the belief that the sum is greater than the parts and that by coming together, by discussing, by debating, by imagining and by being ambitious, we can truly be catalysts for a better inspired future.

Gouder and co-founder JP Fabri have long-felt the need to build a community of young, ambitious and determined business leaders who believe in the power of change. Their innate love for Malta and focus on long-run development has triggered the birth of Forty under Forty with a view of contributing to the national debate. They both believe that the island has huge potential to thrive.

If we are not going to focus on being happier individuals, then what is the purpose of life?

Passion, drive and determination have led Gouder and Fabri to setting up this project, and they believe that this same drive will resonate amongst the other members to build an exciting future for everyone.

“The environment and education play an important part in our wellbeing,” Gouder says, “If we are not going to focus on being happier individuals, then what is the purpose of life? If we are simply focussed on the economy, economic growth and all that, is this leading us to be happier individuals? If there is something worth fighting for, it is our happiness.”

Do you think that happiness is just as important – or even more – than a flourishing economy?

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