Watch: “We need to pull the same rope” – Archbishop Scicluna

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna during his homily at the Paola parish church said that there is still a lot that has to be done to control the coronavirus pandemic. During a thanksgiving mass with frontline care workers the Archbishop said that in the light of this week’s developments the country cannot relax its efforts and that a ship with two captains will lose direction. He added that if different persons come up with different protocols confusion will follow.

Archbishop Scicluna said that the ‘pandemic of ignorance’ and the lack of responsibility by some pose the same level of danger the virus can pose to each and every one of us, said Archbishop Charles Scicluna during the thanksgiving mass with frontline healthcare workers.

Apart from cooperating together the Archbishop also appealed for responsibility, for the use knowledge based on science while pulling the same rope.

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The Archbishop expressed his gratitude towards Health Minister Chris Fearne, the Superintendent for Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci and all healthcare workers who have and are still working hard to maintain the pandemic under control.

The Archbishop continued to explain that during these times we more than ever need the spirit of healing and the spirit of learning, that is educating ourselves about coronavirus.

He also referred to the present COVID-19 situation and said that health authorities have the responsibility to provide us with guidelines which society needs to abide by to be able to protect each other. “In all they do health authorities follow the latest scientific information available but if a ship sails with too many captains, then it would not sail in the right direction” – stated Archbishop Scicluna.

The Archbishop also appealed to the authorities to engage in a holistic approach in these extraordinary times so that we do not only heal from physical pain but also heal psychologically and spiritually.