Watch: ‘We need to look at projects holistically’ – Borg

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Minister for Infrastructure Ian Borg said that one needs to look at projects in a holistic way.

Minister Borg was one of the speakers addressing a conference on the theme of Planning and Execution. He said he wants to work more closely with the Public Works Department.

The Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar mentioned how public procurement is an economic engine, adding that planning should not depend on committees.

‘If you want something to happen, don’t set up a committee,’ Cutajar said, adding that committees end up getting lost in discussions with no clear conclusion.

Cutajar also appealed to the current departments to strive to achieve the Quality Label. He explained that there are several issues that have to be resolved and bumps in the road.

‘These labels are not distributed like cheesecakes’

PPS also went on to explain that it can be hard to change how government departments function because of certain traditions and practices that are hard to break.