Watch: “We need to act fast to maintain economic stability” – Adrian Delia

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Laqgħa mal-imsieħba soċjali membri fl-MCESD

Laqgħa mal-imsieħba soċjali membri fl-MCESD. 🇲🇹

Posted by Adrian Delia on Friday, March 20, 2020

PN leader Adrian Delia stated that given the present situation our country needs to act fast to maintain economic stability. Delia stated that we need short-term measures that enable long term economic sustainability.

On Friday, PN leader Adrian Delia met with social partners, unions and associations representing various economic sectors to continue discussing the latest developments on coronavirus.

Adrian Delia said that the aim of this meeting is not to discuss the various proposals put forward by the PN or by social partners but to discuss how together they can persuade the government to consider and implement their proposals.

Adrian Delia said that in Parliament the Nationalist Opposition is seeking to give the situation the attention it merits in view of the fact that the Opposition has is in favour of the set up of an emergency fund to assist the businesses and workers in need.

The PN leader said that we need to be careful because if our economy drowns that means our businesses, employees and their families would have to face the repercussions.

He also explained that from the financial package of €1.81 billion government has allocated only 10% or €175 million, are directly aimed towards private companies.

Adrian Delia said that the Nationalist Party is offering the government a helping hand so together they can work in a leaner manner to ensure decisions are faster and better taken. He also said that the Opposition cannot understand why and how can the government continue business as usual on a Parliamentary level.