Watch: “We might look miserable, but they look pathetic” – Sea-Watch

Sea-Watch remains stranded a few miles off the coast from Malta, where they have been allowed to seek shelter from the storm. Until the time of writing, only the Netherlands and Germany have expressed willingness to take some of the asylum seekers.

The NGO has lambasted EU leaders for not taking action, calling them as “pathetic”. In comments given to, Tamino Böhm, said that the situation reached a new climax of absurdity explaining that the NGO was not only doing the job of state agencies but was left for 13 days without a port of safety.

Böhm urged authorities to find a general solution quickly, advocating a European solution. Further, the Libyan Coastguard lacks the capacity to conduct rescues or coordinate according to the NGO. According to Sea-Watch corpses of asylum seekers were washed ashore in Sirte on Wednesday.

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Sea-Watch along with the 32 rescued on 22 December remain without a port of safety. Later, the MRCC in Rome had asked the vessel to see to a boat in distress with reportedly 75 people on board.

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The bishops of Malta in a joint statement demanded concrete actions over the uncertain situation of the 49 asylum seekers rescued by two vessels belonging to German civil search and rescue NGOs Sea-Watch and Sea-Eye respectively.

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Over 300 academics from across the world, are currently signing a joint statement endorsing action on European Union Member States to assume share responsibilities for refugees and migrants that are saved at sea.

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Footage: Sea-Watch