Watch: “We have lost 98% of our revenue” – Mario Farrugia, Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna

Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna has been hit very hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and the persistent low turn-out in tourism. As a result it is facing serious challenges to its long-term survival, FWA Chairman Mario Farrugia told

The NGO has launched a crowd-funding drive to invite well-wishers and supporters to donate funds to help mitigate the pressure.

In the meantime, FWA has also come up with a new concept by which it can carry on reaching out to the public while respecting the current new normal.

A ‘Window on History’ has been added to the Malta at War Museum at Couvre Porte in Birgu which allows the public to view small but focused exhibitions on a given a historic theme without the need of physically entering into the museum proper.

“The first theme chosen is inspired from our present day daily use of the face mask. It showcases as large collection of wartime civilian gas mask from some 25 different countries including Malta. This collection comes from FWA’s reserve collection and is usually kept in storage,” Farrugia explained.

The window exhibition will be periodic lasting four months each time after which they will be replaced with a new theme which may not always be of a military nature. Each exhibition comes complete with its  small exhibition catalogue.

To donate to Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna, you may click here.

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