Watch: “We enjoy and we bless every day with Francesca”

Little Francesca, who is turning three next week, has the most infectious smile, the sweetest laugh and the cutest nose.

She also has Down Syndrome.

However, it is not this which defines her. Not at all. Francesca loves Peppa Pig, ballet, swimming, school, music, her friends, cuddling with her Mummy and cooking with her Daddy. She likes to pretend she is making pancakes, brewing tea, putting her doll to sleep and plucking her eyebrows.

Her mother, Michelle Spiteri, tells about the joy that Francesca has brought into her and her husband Roderick’s lives. She explains how she had a ‘brilliant’ pregnancy and only found out that her daughter had Down Syndrome when she was born.

“At first, it was a shock for us as it was not something we were prepared for. But it took us only 24 hours to settle down. And then, we just hugged her and we said: from now on we’re going to help her be a child like the rest of the children.”

Ms Spiteri says that it puzzles her when she meets someone and they say ‘I’m so sorry’.

“I can’t understand that,” she says with a smile, “For us, it wasn’t a ‘sorry’ at all. It’s amazing. She has changed our lives so much for the better… had I known before how it would be, I wouldn’t have cried so much in those first 24 hours.”

Filming and editing: Coryse Borg