Watch: “We cannot dispense vouchers without screening” – President Vella

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

President of Malta George Vella stated that the Malta Community Chest Fund (MCCF) voucher scheme procedure had to be changed as the previous one was inefficient.

Vella was replying to a question made by a follower during a live interview with Fr Joe Borg and Sylvana Debono. 

He explained that initially €30,000 worth of vouchers a month, used to be distributed. When he took over the Presidency, he found that the amount ran up to €285,000 every month. 

In his words, the system was not efficient. There were numerous cases in which the €50 voucher dispensed to cover basic needs, was used to buy other things. 

The assessment process was feeble. Appraisals used to be performed months after the awarding of the vouchers amongst other short backs.

President Vella said that the new system involves a more rigorous means test. He cannot allow donations to get squandered. 

Since the beginning of the new system, the number of people trying to abuse the system has decreased, leaving only the genuine cases. 

National Cancer Platform 

On Friday, President Vella also expressed satisfaction in the fact that the National Cancer Platform, founded in 2015, became a voluntary organisation. He stressed on the need for prevention and awareness to be able to diagnose from the initial stages. 

The Malta Community Chest Fund forms part of this arena.

Friday also marked World Cancer Day. A conference titled ‘Cancer: Know the Facts’ organised by the National Cancer Platform, was brought up to create more public awareness.