Watch: ‘War’ was a metaphor for the European Elections – Delia

The Leader of the Partit Nazzjonalista Adrian Delia said that the message he sent on WhatsApp where he referenced a “war” was about the upcoming European Elections. He said that the message was meant to inspire courage in the members of the PN.

Delia spoke to after the message sent to a number of PN officials at 5am was leaked. In the message, Delia said that Christmas time was over, and it is now “a time of battle”.

The Opposition Leader said that the message was sent in a private group, adding that the idea behind the message is clear. He said that it is evident that there are people who, as soon as they see him and the PN gaining popularity, will do everything they can to attack again. Delia said that it is important for the party to get ready for these attacks.

He said that he sent many messages and visited many clubhouses over the last few days to inspire courage in the people, recounting that the support he received was enormous. “If we’re talking about social media, we received a record number of responses,” he said.

Delia explained that it was a metaphoric war he was referring to. He said that we are a few months away from an important electoral appointment. The war, according to Delia, refers to the war of ideas and the battle for the PN to re-acquire electoral support.

“Anyone not behind the leader has no place in the party” – Delia

Adrian Delia said that anyone who does not stand behind the Leader, has no place in the PN. He also said that he doesn’t think he is the party’s problem.

Regarding the messages and videos about him doing the rounds on WhatsApp, Delia said that he thinks the people sharing these messages is trying to weaken the PN and is not doing a service to Malta. About the videos, the Opposition Leader said that “many if not all” are heavily edited. He said that in the world, everyone goes through family problems. He insisted that he has the ability to solve his problems while still doing his job as the Leader of the PN.

He said that the administrative committee and the PN executive need to meet to prepare for the European Parliament elections.

Asked whether he denies his involvement in any case of domestic violence, Delia said that he will not be speaking about anything linked to his separation proceedings following an agreement which was reached with his estranged wife.