Watch: Violence is never tolerated; Don’t allow anger to lead you

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Violence is never tolerated, whether it is physical, psychological or emotional, Fr David Farrugia the Parish Priest of Ħal Safi told the congregation during the homily delivered on Saturday.

Fr David celebrated the funeral mass for Chantelle Chetcuti who succumbed to injuries she suffered after being stabbed by her former partner in Żabbar earlier this week.

The parish priest spoke about violence and about when love and passion are transformed into hatred and revenge. He underlined that in no circumstance should violence be tolerated. One should refrain from allowing their anger become their motivation. It may lead one to blame others, condemn them or even seek revenge, he said.

Addressing those who turned up to the funeral for their various different reasons; Fr David noted that each and every person was experiencing different emotions in relation to the woman’s brutal murder. Chetcuti’s murder was the first murder of the year.

He explained that Chantelle’s death caused pain to her, her family, to the local community as well as to the family of her former partner and alleged aggressor. He added that it also caused pain to those to those who work in the field of domestic violence and seek to help victims in such situations.

During his homily, Fr David quoted several excerpts from the Bible and explained to the congregation where God and humans would stand in such a tragic story.

Fr David prayed that more awareness on domestic violence is raised following the murder. He also prayed for forgiveness.