Watch: Vet refuses to put down overweight Golden retriever

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A vet decided to save an overweight golden retriever after his Canadian owner wanted to put him down. Kai’s owners took him to the vet to get euthanised, but the vet phoned Canadian animal welfare workers instead to help find the dangerously heavy pooch a new home. He was luckily fostered by Pam Heggie, who opted to rise to the challenge and help Kai lose weight.

This is by far my favourite part of swim day…

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Pam said that when Kai arrived at his new home for the first time, it took him around 20 minutes to climb the small set of steps that led to the door.

Using my ramp, my mom had to lift my back end going up. I couldn’t get up without help. Now I had to show off- I got up the ramp and in the van ALL BY MYSELF!!

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Pam recounted how she did her best to help Kai lose weight but taking him for walks three times a day. She noted how Kai struggled to reach the end of the street at first. But Pam said that Kai’s a good boy, and he didn’t give up and slowly started to improve.

Treadmill workout- April 2018

New Year, New Kai! That was then…..treadmill workout- April 2018. Boy that was a lot of work.

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With regular exercise, a strict diet and water therapy, in which dogs are placed on a treadmill in a small pool of water to help strengthen their back legs, Kai began showing steady signs of improvement.

Whilst recounting the experience, Pam admitted that it’s like raising a child – “you look at them and they’re all grown up”. She helped Kai lose 45kg and now he enjoys running in the park.

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